The Pulsic team smiling for the picture at DAC 59. They are all dressed in dark blue with Pulsic polo shirts.

Pulsic at Design Automation Conference 2022

After a two year hiatus, a team from Pulsic visited DAC 2022 in San Francisco. For the last few months, we had been working in new releases and versions both for Unity and Animate Preview and we were excited about it. However, we did not know what to expect as COVID restrictions were still looming over any public mass events. The convention could be cancelled again or the exhibitors could choose to stay at home.

Fortunately the attendance was very good in the end. All the booths were bustling from the very first day. We were happy to see many known faces that we had not seen for a while. Also, we were reunited with our colleagues from Pulsic’s San Jose office. There was a lot of excitement within the team as it was the first face to face opportunity to show the new Unity features and the latest Animate Preview version.

The full Pulsic team ready for DAC 2022

The Moscone Center, is the largest convention and exhibition complex in San Francisco, California. This year the keynote speakers included Mark Papermaster, Anirudh Devegan, Steve Teig and Giovanni de Michele among others.

For our set up this year we created two separate spaces. One for Unity, one for Animate Preview and a larger theater space in the middle for bigger presentations.

Over 200 people attended our booth and we feel very grateful for this. It was We were able to fit many presentations in these 3 days – the lunch schedules were really tight! -. Attendees were very receptive and curious so we enjoyed the presentations very much.

After four days of work the Pulsic team had some time to relax and enjoy a dinner at Historic John’s Grill in San Francisco. A great meal to finish and unexpectedly successful DAC!

See you next year!

One of our presentations at DAC 2022

If you were not able to attend DAC this year, you can always request an online demo of Animate Preview’s latest version.

You can always try Animate Preview yourself by downloading it.

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