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Privacy Policy
At Pulsic, we respect your privacy and we want to be clear on how we use your data. We will only use any registration information as you have requested. We use to manage Customer, Sales and Marketing activities. We use Google G-Suite only for our internal and external communications and document sharing

Marketing Information
Contact information submitted using any of the forms on this website may be used by Pulsic Ltd. for sales and marketing activities. If you wish to change your marketing preferences, click any of the links in our emails or email with your wishes and we will act upon your request.
Access to Marketing data is limited to the Marketing and Sales team.
Any other inquires about your data, please use the same address and your request will be responded to within 30 days.

3RD Party Services
We use the following services at Pulsic for marketing activities

  • Google G-Suite. We use Google as our email provider (our domain). Contact information will be stored in Address books. Appointments and meeting information will be stored in our Google calendars. We may also store customer information on our Google Drive Our google accounts have a password policy enforced and are protected by 2FA Authentication. For information on Google’s GDPR compliance status and security please visit this page. 
  • – We use for our marketing database. Here we store contact information for marketing mailing lists. For information about EngageBay’s GDPR policy visit 
  • Zoom. We will sometimes conduct client meetings via Zoom. Data stored here sometimes includes contact information. For Zoom’s GPDR policy please visit  

If you have any further questions or requests regarding data held in any of our 3rd Party services, please contact.

Customer Support Information
We use the following services at Pulsic to help us provide our customer support service.

  • FreshDesk. We use FreshDesk to provide our customer support website. For FreshDesk’s GPDR policy please visit 
  • FreshChat. We use FreshChat to provide the customer service chat widget on our website. For FreshChat’s GPDR policy please visit 

For Unity™ customers, we hold contact details as part of our internal support database at. If you wish to change any of the information or view information held by Pulsic, please login to with your account details, or email us at with your request.

Our support site will send out automated email notifications (Using our Google GSuite service). To update your notification preferences please login to your Pulsic Support Site account, or email.

Access to support contact information is limited to the Pulsic Support Team. This website is also firewalled away from the internet – with only customer site IP ranges allowed access to the website.

We will not pass this information onto any additional 3rd parties.

Your Rights To Your Data

  • In compliance with GDPR you have the rights to request access, modify or remove any data we hold about you in our marketing database and systems and our support
  • For any data queries please contact with your requests and we will respond to you within 30 days

Pulsic Ltd. retains title and ownership of the following registered trademarks: the Pulsic® logo and CDA® plus Unity™, UniPlan™, UniRoute™, UniEdit™, UniPlace™ and Animate™

Registered Office
Pulsic Limited is a company registered in England and Wales (company number 384068) with its registered office at 160 Aztec West, Park Avenue, Almondsbury, Bristol, BS32 4TU, UK