Unity Bus Planner

Comprehensive Bus Planning Solution for Memory, Custom Digital, and Mixed-Signal Design


  • Converge on a floorplan solution quickly through fast implementation analysis of global congestion due to buses and critical signals.
  • Obtain early access to parasitics data (SPF file) for critical datapath simulations. Obtain accurate parasitics for early simulation and static timing analysis.
  • Interleave multiple buses to allocate routing resources efficiently through the same physical location.

Key Features

  • Bus-route planning: interactive planning for the paths (location and layer) of up to several hundred buses with 1000+ bits per bus.
  • Bus interleaving: interleaving the segments of buses, primarily controlled by the relative position of guide segments.
  • Bus routing: executing the bus route plan down to detailed routing.
  • Automatic pin creation on block edges.

Critical bus planning

Bus planning is a critical design function. The initial floorplanning phases of any design are the block placement, then power-grid planning, followed by bus planning and repeater-cell insertion. Engineers need accurate parasitics for the critical datapaths to use in dataflow simulations, as early in the design cycle as possible.

Manually planning critical bus structures is painstaking and error-prone. Internally developed tools are difficult to maintain and not suitable for the automation required by larger chips.

Unity Bus Planner improves productivity and design quality, by allowing engineers to plan each bus as a single design object. Unity Bus Planner then automates detailed signal wires- vastly increasing productivity and removing errors from the design process -.

Fast and Flexible

Unity Bus Planner combines the speed and structure of digital design methods with the flexibility of a custom design solution. It is the first and only automated product to provide an easy, GUI-driven, guide-based methodology for interactive planning and routing of many hundreds of large buses with 1000+ bits per bus. With the interactive and automated capabilities of Unity Bus Planner, designers can complete bus planning in minutes or hours rather than in days or weeks.

Unity Bus Planner incorporates Pulsic DRC-correct, automated detailed routing for buses and repeater cells, which provide designers with instant feedback on whether a bus route meets design rules. Unity Bus Planner quickly accommodates changes to the netlist and recreates the previously defined buses and repeater-cell configurations automatically.

Unity Bus Planner Datasheet

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