Pulsic Unity Planning Solution

Comprehensive Hierarchical Block and Signal Planning for Memory, Custom Digital and Mixed Signal design


  • Achieve design closure faster with the first and only top-down hierarchical floorplanner for custom design.
  • Explore options and implement floorplans rapidly with accurate area and parasitic data.
  • Fast, reliable, full-chip hierarchical signal planning and top-level routing capabilities produce the best results in the shortest time.
  • Converge on a floorplan solution quickly through fast implementation analysis of global congestion due to buses and critical signals.

Key Features

  • Guided flows give designers the full benefit of Pulsic advanced technology and productivity with minimal training.
  • Complete integration maximizes productivity by eliminating data translation issues
  • Automatic block placement and softblock shaping.
  • Hierarchical automatic pin placement and sorting optimization.
  • Intelligent, router-aware pin placement for efficient top-level routing.
  • Support for complex routing topologies.

Design Planning

The Pulsic Planning Solution is a fully integrated, made-for-custom solution that automates full-chip planning and top-level routing for advanced custom designs. It is the first complete planning solution to enable both top-down and bottom-up hierarchical floorplanning for custom ICs.

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