Unity Signal Planner

Full-chip signal planning

Custom design size and complexity continue to increase dramatically, design teams are spending ever more time and resources completing floorplans and DRC-correct top-level routing. Powerful ASIC tools exist for these tasks, but they were not made for custom, analog or mixed-signal designs, and lack the configurability required for such tasks as bus/repeater-cell planning and insertion or DRC/LVS top-level routing. And because these digital-centric tools are often only available as an expensive total package, they are impractical for design teams that only require a few of the pieces of that package.

Built for custom digital

Unity™ technology, Pulsic Planning Solution is a fully integrated, made-for-custom solution that automates full-chip planning and top-level routing for advanced custom designs. It is the first complete planning solution to enable both top-down and bottom-up hierarchical floorplanning for custom ICs.

Pulsic Planning Solution is available as a complete flow, or the components of the solution – chip planning, bus/repeater-cell planning, and signal planning – can be purchased separately or in any combination, giving every member of a custom design team access to exactly the technologies they need, without purchasing technologies they don’t.


  • Fast, reliable, full-chip hierarchical signal planning and top-level routing capabilities produce the best results in the shortest time
  • Made-for-custom technology supports unique custom design needs and gives optimal results for custom designs, without the struggle to adapt ASIC tools
  • Guided flows give designers the full benefit of Pulsic advanced technology and productivity with minimal training
  • Complete integration maximizes productivity by eliminating data translation issues


  • Fully integrated with the Unity planning solution comprised of best-in-class Pulsic technologies:
    • Unity Chip Planner for hierarchical chip planning with rapid prototyping
    • Unity Bus Planner for bus planning/routing and repeater-cell planning/insertion
    • Unity Signal Planner for hierarchical signal planning and routing
  • Unity ECO technology for rapid design revision
  • Guided flows for every step of the floorplanning and top-level routing process.

Download Unity Planner Datasheet