Unity Custom Digital Router

A complete solution for precision routing of custom digital designs


  • Hand-crafted quality with automated speed.
  • Precise routing results.
  • Control over almost every aspect of the routing result.
  • Efficient use of available area, even for areas with extreme aspect ratios or
    highly congested areas.
  • Greater productivity through automation of advanced custom routing functions.
  • Fast adoption and realization of benefits through guided flows.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive process node design rule support, including width-based and parallel- length-based spacing rules, via enclosures, stacked vias, min width, min step, dense line rules.
  • Inter-block routing flow.
  • Standard cell/custom digital routing flow.
  • Extreme aspect ratio routing flow.
  • Patented spine-and-stitch capability for optimal performance results.
  • Routing for highly congested areas that require minimal use of routing area.
  • Extensive array of enhanced post-routing features for design for manufacturing (DFM), design for yield (DFY) and other process enhancements.

Handcrafted Quality 

As a custom digital designer, you strive to improve productivity while routing complex designs, without compromising on quality. Traditional automated custom digital routers don’t provide the quality of result that leading-edge custom design teams require.

Pulsic’s Unity Custom Digital Router provides a unique combination of patented routing technologies that enable you to achieve that handcrafted, precise result automatically. Unity Custom Digital Router can provide your custom design team with the sophisticated routing technology required to address precision-routing challenges, with the speed and ease of an automated flow.

Seamless Integration 

Manual routing approaches aren’t practical for today’s large, complex custom digital designs. But, leading-edge custom digital designs have complex floorplans and require specific and precise routing topologies, and traditional approaches to automating custom digital routing often fail to produce a useable result.

The patented routing technologies included in Unity Custom Digital Router enable precise, handcrafted-quality results, automatically. An advanced shape-based model and a seamlessly integrated suite of routing technologies deliver optimal results. Unity Custom Digital Router handles extreme aspect ratios, minimal routing layers, and complex floorplans.

Quality and Speed 

Unity Custom Digital Router is the only complete solution for precision routing of custom digital designs. It comprises a tightly integrated suite of shape-based routing technologies, including a maze-routing engine, a spine-and-stitch routing engine, a route-pattern-optimization engine, a global routing engine, design rule check-and-fix technologies, and extensive constraint management.

Unity Custom Digital Router includes step-by-step guided routing flows with a graphical user interface (GUI) showing each step. The customizable guided flow informs designers of their progress through the flow and the pre-requisites
for each step.

Unity Custom Digital Router Datasheet

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