Unity Custom Digital Placer

Custom quality cell placement

As custom design size and complexity explode, design teams want to improve their design implementation productivity, but can’t afford to compromise quality. Traditional approaches to automating custom placement and routing often produce results so poor that design teams spend more time correcting automated results than they would have spent placing and routing their design manually from the start.

Unity Custom Digital Placer provides precision placement for custom digital designs. A precise automated placer that includes high-quality, row-based placement; non- standard and multi-height cell alignment; hierarchical clustering; and cluster control and pre-route-aware placement.
Built on the innovative, production-proven Pulsic Unity™ technology, Pulsic Implementation Solution automates precise, handcrafted-quality placement and routing for advanced custom digital designs.


  • Fast, high-quality placement and routing capabilities produce the best results in the shortest time
  • Precision design technologies support unique custom design needs and give optimal results for custom designs
  • Guided flows give designers the full benefit of Pulsic advanced technology and productivity with minimal training
  • Support for industry standards maximizes productivity


  • Complete solution comprised of best-in-class Pulsic technologies:
    • Unity Custom Digital Placer for precise placement of custom
      digital designs
    • Unity Custom Digital Router for handcrafted-quality automated routing of custom digital designs
  • Guided flows for every step of the placement and routing process
  • Support for industry-standard formats and interfaces: OpenAccess (OA), Cadence (CDBA), LEF/DEF, Verilog

Download Custom Digital Placer Datasheet