Pulsic Implementation Solution

High Precision Placement and Routing for Memory, Custom Digital, and Mixed Signal design


  • Hand-crafted quality with automated speed.
  • Precise routing results.
  • Fast, high-quality placement and routing capabilities produce the best results in the shortest time.
  • Efficient use of the available area, even for areas with extreme aspect ratios or
    highly congested areas.
  • Greater productivity through automation of advanced custom routing functions.
  • Fast adoption and realization of benefits through guided flows.

Key Features

  • Row-based placement technologies
  • Multi-height cell alignment
    • Custom-cell placement of over-height, under-height, and multi-height cells
    • Standard cell placement in custom designs
  • Hierarchical clustering
    • Strict physical grouping is defined by the circuit hierarchy
    • Clustering of cells within sub-circuit, and of sub-circuit cell groupings
  • Placement cloning of equivalent groups of cells
  • Proximity control: cells and clusters of cells can be placed in close proximity based upon net constraints
  • Pre-route-aware placement: pre-planned critical signals drive the placement of cells

Design Implementation

Built on the innovative, production-proven Pulsic Unity™ technology, Pulsic Implementation Solution automates precise, handcrafted-quality placement and routing for advanced custom digital and analog designs. Custom digital designers need flows, not just technologies. Pulsic Implementation Solution combines innovative technologies into guided flows that help even non-expert users achieve the best solutions quickly and reliably.

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