Silicon Labs Partners with Pulsic, Selecting Animate as Its Automated Layout Solution for Analog IC Designs

Animate accelerates design layout time from one week to one day

SAN JOSE, CA – May 15, 2019 — Pulsic, the premier provider of custom physical design tools for precision design automation of analog/mixed-signal designs, today announced that Silicon Labs will use Pulsic’s Animate solution for its forthcoming IC analog designs.

Pulsic’s Animate™ is the first complete automated layout system built from the ground up for transistor-level analog design. Animate overcomes traditional challenges to automating analog IC design, in which solutions have attempted to improve specific portions of the design flow, but still required significant user intervention to generate “manual-quality” layout.

Animate not only automates the layout, but its new and innovative interactive features give layout designers the ability to add their expertise and fine tune the automated results early in the layout process.

“In our initial evaluation of Animate, we needed to achieve both efficiency and quality for our analog IC layouts, and Animate provided excellent results equal to using traditional approaches but in far less time,” said Stretch Young, director of layout at Silicon Labs.  “Collaborating with Pulsic, we see opportunities to improve the quality of our layout, which will increase productivity and save design time.”

Built specifically for analog layout, Animate’s PolyMorphic LayoutTM technology delivers multiple layouts from a schematic using automatic constraint extraction and truly simultaneous placement and routing.  Animate gives designers an easy-to-use layout tool that automatically generates constraints based on netlist topology analysis. This eliminates the need for time-consuming manual constraint entry and management. While constraints are derived automatically, they can be edited by the user quickly and easily to explore various layout configurations.

“We are pleased to partner with Silicon Labs and support their design teams in producing quality layouts with ease of use, allowing accurate simulations early in the design process,” said Mark Williams, co-founder and CEO, Pulsic. “Once the schematics are loaded into Animate, within 10 minutes the designer has layout options that can be fine-tuned if required with no loss of quality. Our collaboration will allow Silicon Labs to achieve results in one day that would have taken one week with traditional layout approaches.”

Visit Pulsic in Booth #936 at the upcoming Design Automation Conference (DAC) to learn more about Animate and the company’s physical design solutions. Sign up today for a private demo with Pulsic at DAC.

The 56th DAC will be held in the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada from Sunday, June 2 to Thursday, June 6.

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