Pulsic tools deployed by Toshiba Corporation for layout of next generation Flash Memory

Deployment of tools and services extended to maximize efficiency and quality of results for the layout of next generation Flash Memory designs.

Bristol, England – September 28th, 2009 – Pulsic Limited, the leader in custom design automation (CDA®), today announced that Toshiba Corporation will be extending its deployment of Pulsic tools and services in order to maximize efficiency and quality of results for the layout of their next generation Flash Memory designs.

Toshiba Corporation has already been using Pulsic’s industry-leading software for several years to automate the layout of its Flash Memory designs, increase productivity and speed time-to-market. With continual development and consistently high level of results, Pulsic’s solutions have become an established part of Toshiba’s Physical Design flow. Now, Toshiba Corporation has decided to expand its usage of the tools in recognition of the leading-edge technology, roadmap, and the quality of support that Pulsic delivers.

For advanced memory, where high speed and accurate data transmission is needed, a high-quality layout is essential. Historically, virtually no automation tools have been applied to the layout of these designs, but Pulsic has developed a unique suite of tools for custom designers that have made automation possible in many areas of the layout.

Specifically, Pulsic’s patented Spine & Stitch routing technology has delivered a great leap forward in productivity by delivering automation to the routing often found in the layout of peripheral logic for DRAM, SRAM and Flash memory – which are typically characterized by extreme aspect ratios, producing long and narrow routing footprints. The “spines” are very long and the stitches are shorter orthogonal tracks. This technology has been widely adopted by the leading memory design companies worldwide.

“We are continually looking for more layout automation for our memory designs,” said Masaki Momodomi, Technology Executive for flash memory, Semiconductor Company, Toshiba Corporation. “With Pulsic, we have a partner that delivers the features, the performance and most importantly the quality of results that meets our design and performance goals. Pulsic’s technology has become an important part of our design flow.”

Ken Roberts, CEO of Pulsic, added: “We are delighted with the continued success that Toshiba Corporation is experiencing with our tools. We are committed to providing them with the best automated physical design technology to meet their challenging requirements.”