Elixent Licenses Pulsic’s Lyric Physical Design Framework for Reduced Time-to-Market

Bristol, UK – February 22, 2005 – Pulsic Limited, the EDA company that delivers shape-based, IC physical design solutions for analogue, mixed-signal and custom digital designs, today announced that Elixent has licensed its Lyric Physical Design Framework. The framework will reduce the time required to port Elixent’s D-Fabrix reconfigurable algorithm processing (RAP) technology to multiple silicon processes, many of which are proprietary to its tier one customer base. Elixent is the world leader in RAP and will use Lyric for automatic and interactive routing of its advanced cell designs for its unique D-Fabrix RAP cores on these proprietary DSM silicon processes. The D-Fabrix array is automatically compiled from a library of cells designed by Elixent engineers at transistor level to give it the best possible speed and power performance in the smallest possible area.

“We believe that we will transform our approach to physical design and reduce time-to-market significantly by applying Lyric as part of our overall design flow. Lyric delivered high quality results in our detailed evaluation, reducing typical manual routing times from ten days to a few minutes and allowing us to run multiple iterations for optimum performance and silicon area. This has significantly enhanced our engineering productivity at a time when we are engaged in multiple process ports to proprietary silicon processes,” commented Kenn Lamb, CEO of Elixent. “Also, Elixent has some very specific requirements for routing at transistor level within our library cells to deliver the aggressive performance and area metrics that make D-Fabrix the most competitive reconfigurable processing platform available. Lyric provides the level of flexibility and control we need to handle complex process rules and cope with all of our exacting design criteria,” Lamb continued.

Ken Roberts, CEO at Pulsic, commented, “Elixent is a world leader with leading edge technology and we are looking forward to helping them reap the benefits of Lyric. We are seeing a reduction in design cycle times of around 90% using Lyric compared to the traditional approach for these types of transistor-level designs and are excited that Lyric helps them to scale their business to meet the needs of their growing customer base.”

About Elixent
Elixent is the leader in reconfigurable semiconductor IP, a technology that provides users with the ability to change the function of a chip even whilst in use. D-Fabrix, the company’s patented reconfigurable algorithm processing (RAP) technology, provides ASIC designers with a flexible alternative to fixed function chips but without consuming the level of power normally associated with programmable technologies. This combination is of particular benefit to companies producing electronic products for imaging and communications applications in consumer and industrial markets. The low power consumption makes D-Fabrix particularly attractive for mobile and battery powered products.