Area estimates you can trust

Fast layout previews with Animate Preview help you to estimate the layout size of your analog design early in your design flow

Animate Preview gives you an accurate estimate of your analog design

Accurately estimating the design size of an analog integrated circuit is a difficult, if not impossible, task. Many analog designers wait for full layout implementation before incorporating analog blocks into chip-level floorplanning, while other designers use a rule-of-thumb estimation method.

Animate Preview creates a real layout of your circuit, obeying your DRC and process rules to give you early and accurate physical previews of your design. Animate Preview considers multiple layout topologies to create previews with several aspect ratios, widths, and heights.

We constantly measure the accuracy of Animate Preview and compare it against real-world layouts created by analog designers. Animate Preview produces area estimates with much greater accuracy and precision.

A recent analysis found that Animate Preview was more than 7x accurate when compared with other methods of early design size estimation. Download the analysis and judge for yourself.

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